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Q: Can you clean today?

A: Maybe!  As with any service industry, we are busier at certain times.  We try to get new clients scheduled within a week, but it may be longer.  We also have cancellations and may even have availability the same day.  Call 405-314-5620 and find out!

Q: What kind of products do you use?

A: We have several different products for several different applications.  We always use the gentlest product necessary to do the job.  We use a citrus degreaser when necessary, Bio-Kleen All Purpose, Ecover or Bona Floor Soap, a natural enzyme product, baking soda, essential oils, and quite a bit of  elbow grease.  On fixtures with heavy lime scale build up we can use oxalic acid, which is odorless and is found in Rhubarb.

Q: What do you cost?  How do you charge?

A: There is a $75 minimum for all visits.  Because each home/business is unique, we prefer to do an in-home/in-person estimate before your first scheduled appointment.  That quote is the price you pay per visit.

We do not usually do estimates for one time cleans.  Those are billed at 37.00 dollars per hour, depending on difficulty.  Call if you'd like an average for a space of comparable size.  

Our estimate is based on a standard formula that figures amount of time necessary per square foot, room, flooring, bathrooms, etc... and multiplies it by our hourly rate per employee.  We then figure in variables such as traffic, special surfaces, current maintenance schedule.

All of this sounds very complicated but it is painless and takes around 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of your home.  We understand that money doesn't grow on trees and make every effort to keep our prices fair and competitive.

Maintenance (reoccurring) visits cost much less than one time deep cleans.  The more often we come, the less you pay per visit.

Occasionally, people have special needs aside from a top to bottom whole house cleaning.  In that case, we can simply do an hourly rate of $35 per cleaning person per hour.

Q: Are you really expensive because you are a green/trendy/specialty service?

A: No.  Our prices are very competitive with the conventional big chain franchises.  Sometimes even less (we have fewer advertising and franchising fees.)  

Q: Do I need to do anything before you come?

A: Nope!  We bring everything we need.  However, the less clutter and personal items laying about, the better we are able to do our job.  We don't know where your stuff goes, so we will either guess or leave it neatly stacked.  If you leave clean sheets on the bed, we will change them for you.

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: Yes!  We can take credit cards for single payments or store your information remotely for recurring cleans.  We also accept Paypal and checks.

Q: Do you clean mini blinds?

A: We will dust them and wipe out the windowsill, but we aren't equipped to do true blind washing.  Try a blind cleaning service like On-site Blind Cleaning.  (We are not affiliated and have no experience with this company.) Plantation shutters and thick slat wood blinds can be spray/wiped by hand.

Q: Do I need to be home?  Do I need to be gone?

A: We can clean whether you are home or not (provided you have given us a key or access code.)  

Q: Are you accepting new clients?

A: Yes!

Q: How long in advance do I need to schedule?

A: The short answer is as soon as possible.  We may be able to get you in at the last minute, but we may not.

Q: Who will come?  Will it be the same people every time?

Usually.  We have a very small local staff and rotations do occur, especially in the summer.  However, every crew has a team leader/supervisor.  

Breathe Easy.  Live Well.
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